When The Heart Monitors started out with the aim of becoming Clowns of the greater Rotterdam area, they didn’t take into the equation they were living under the fumes of the gigantic petrochemical industry from the biggest harbor in the western world. All those toxic fumes probably have fired ‘em up to make their hardcore […]


The demolition work of man has been stamped in timeless punk gems by Disturbance for 27 years and counting. They’ve received a wild welcome on four continents and even did a 6.000 mile tour in China, mostly by train, we kid you not! When crowds go berserk at Disturbance shows, you’re prone to overlook their lyrics make you question the lipstick-on-a-pig ethics of people muddled by horseshit. As the world goes […]


To the untrained ear Savage Beat might sound like another proper punk rock & roll band with a bunch of good songs. Those who dig deeper find a wide array of origins, ranging from pubrock to 70s glam and from bovver rock to Oi! and then some. That’s what sets them apart from the pack. […]


These Boston hardcore heavyweights delivered a string of widely acclaimed releases after the millennium shift. Then it took ten years before the aptly titled album Unfinished Business hit the streets in 2019 to show Death Before Dishonor was back with a vengeance. Their live shows still discharge enough energy to power a thousand barber shops, […]


What to do when almost everything shuts down due to some fucking virus? Well, start drinking early in the day of course! That’s what Ronny from Hard Wax and The Reapers did, but daydrinking without good music is a crock of shit, so during all those beers he made some well-crafted punk rock songs and […]


Two massive albums cemented Carnivore’s name in the annals of hardcore and metal. Frontman Peter Steele became even more influential with Type O Negative, but couldn’t resist Carnivore reunions later on. After the giant’s demise everyone thought that was it, but lo and behold, enter Baron Misuraca, who not only looks like Steele’s brother from another mother, […]


New York hardcore ain’t just about the city. Wide swaths of the state are a hotbed for hardcore, although the American town of Rotterdam founded by Dutch settlers is oblivious to it for the most part. Contrary to Rotterdam NY there’s Brick By Brick from Upstate NY. Their metallic sound is truly crushing, at times […]


Jeroen Haamers gives the essence of Batmobile: “We started for the love of rockabilly and never thought of Batmobile as a psychobilly band. On the other hand, we played at practically all the big psycho festivals around the world, so I shouldn’t fool myself. We belong to that scene and it’s fun because it’s out of the […]


If you have a chip on your shoulder or suffered a Chocomel spillage, Slapshot provides the ideal setting to blow off steam. Thirty-some years ago these Boston stalwarts put old time hardcore back on the map and they still step on it. If the rowdy pit Choke & co. generated at the second ScumBash is […]


When The Spades burst onto the scene last century, every punter who saw them was flabbergasted; never before had a Dutch band encompassed five decades of rock & roll into such a fierce barrage of filth. Dicks were swinging, beer bottles got stuck in assholes, guitars were smashed in Texas and everything in any place […]