Among the rare sick sick sick bands you never tire of, Demented Are Go is unique. Figurehead Sparky has the ultimate psycho throat, as if he’s gargling with razor blades in a cesspool ablaze. It’s one of the reasons Demented is also a celebrated name outside of the psychobilly scene. In 41 years of punked up twisted hillbilly band history, the current line-up is the longest lasting of all Demented incarnations by far and nails […]

The lifestyle court

Rock ‘n’ roll, cigars, whiskey, and a fucking fantastic haircut. Scumbash is a lifestyle. So that’s what you can expect on the festival site: not only music but the full package including haircuts by the world-famous Schorem Barbiers, sick art by tattoo artists and so on. SCHOREM BARBIER Inspired by Speedfest, the men from Rotterdam’s […]


Bus departures from Rotterdam Central station, “stop GG” at Conradstraat, which is also the return location after the event. The bus tickets are retour tickets. Buses depart from 11:00 AM ’till 6:00 PM. Returning from ScumBash to Rotterdam Central can be done at any time between 20:00 and 01:00. Book your tickets here


With just a demo and an EP under their belt, Mindwar already made waves in the hardcore scene, touring all over Europe, supporting legends such as Sick Of It All and Agnostic Front, and playing at multiple festivals, including Ieperfest and Revolution Calling. All these feats are self-enforced by the five-piece from Belgium, ‘cause they […]


A true juggernaut of Dutch street punk, having a laugh for causing trouble on the way. It’s known far and wide Discipline has a truckload of boisterous hard hitting brick rhymes that still resonate through current times. So tighten your boots and braces and brace yourselves: a beer in the one hand, the other a […]


A bona fide punk rock super group from Holland. These lads also operate in The Real Danger, The Windowsill and Giant Eagles and have played in other celebrated bands since last century. They’ve got a penchant for anything Ramones, from The Queers to The Riverdales, and they’ve got the chops to bring it on themselves. […]


Cenobites are psychobilly hellraisers, fattening the sound with punk and metal since 1994. Like a noughties Motörhead with a bull fiddle in a Hammer movie, this band rocks shivers down spines from Rotterdam to Brazil and beyond. Cenobites’ latest splatter platter still rips diamond vinyl needles to shreds. Moreover, their executions of GG Allin and […]


In the 25 years since Born From Pain emerged, they’ve seen the state of the world go from bad to worse. It’s one of the main reasons why their pile driver hardcore is unrelenting. This band won’t rest on its laurels and always leaves your senses banged up in the best possible way. Change or […]


Throw this chorus into Google Translate: ‘Ponypark Is Kut’. Indeed, Skroetbalg make no bones about it as they scream on in their Drenthe dialect from the east of The Netherlands. Their peasantry Motörpunk roar is the stuff of pitchfork rebellion with many axes to grind and havin’ fun while you’re at it. Skroetbalg brings it […]


When Peter Pan Speedrock gave us the thumps up years ago to organize the first ScumBash – which was more or less a big ass Rotterdam Speedfest back then – we booked the band right away. Naturally they played a scorcher, but a few years later PPSR was no more. In 2021 the hard as […]